Oystercatcher Press

 Sophie Mayer:
Kiss Off


£5.00 A5 20pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-48-0.


Third Attempt] (ExtraIrigaray)


A lipped kiss of crossed legs un

crossing. O, you think so do you

wear the pants she pants lips o

pen he writes see ho

wever you pitch it, pitch like a girl (high no

tes, glass rimmed with lip

stick tracery ornate as dynamite

criss-crossed for the takedown (the lo

vebomb wants us all in the o

of wound how juicy how moanumental


the ice breaks up and in

the cut she writes on the mirror over the fatal

washbasin no

pen eyeliner will have to do so

many things (kohl and response

able to lid or lip touching

brush pencil or liquid it will make you

a star

t as

tart a st.

art astarte


in a doublet and farthingale

in a black tux and nylons

in an island nightclub

in a shower a singlet

in the darkness

you are the darkness o

pacity, o paucity of your sync sound

I want to speak with the inside of yo



secretly / glancing / eyeline / (o)r love

matches (burnt) letters

addressed for my eyes

only and signed