Oystercatcher Press

 Philip Terry:
Dante's Inferno

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£5.00 A5 32pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-43-5.



I cried out

                  “Take pity,

Whatever you are, man or ghost!”


“Not man, though formerly a man,”

        he says, “I hale from Providence,

                  Rhode Island, a Korean vet.


Once I was a poet, I wrote

                  of bean spasms,

           was anthologised in Fuck You.


“You’re never Berrigan, that spring

Where all the river of style freezes?”

I ask, awe all over my facials.


“I’m an American

        Primitive,” he says,

“I make up each verse as it comes,


By putting things

                       where they

             have to go.”