Oystercatcher Press

translated by Ian Brinton

Ponge cover image

£5.00 A5 24pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-79-4

                                    'Half a net of fish
                                    expiring on the sand
                                    and three quarters of
                                    the crabs already
                                    moving seawards.'


'With freshness and economy Ian Brinton sets up house within the shell of Ponge, animating its contents with swift, resonant touches, lending the perishable a kindred tongue.'
|                                        William Fuller

'Ponge's "depths" which "present themselves as shallows" are firmly but not over-familiarly, in Ian Brinton's new versions, offered a further Emglish detour, by which the "elementary concerto" of the originals continues to "encourage each shore".'

|                                          Peter Larkin