Oystercatcher Press

 Private Utopias

or 'Noises in the Head'

Peter Dent

P Dent cover image

£5.00 A5 24pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-62-6.



Raiding the mainstream brings rewards you could do without.   
I like my medicine and take it.   By finding a few odd bits and
pieces here and a full collection there you can create a culture,
if not a care home.   Some words sound like euphemisms in a
war zone.   Elsewhere, they can register like ‘great news’ from
a pulpit.   If I’m right – it doesn’t always follow – for every old
monkey there’s a brand new keyboard: decline here, rise there.   
The stuff of dreams can’t be known today – it’ll not be known
till it happens.   Page-sensitive acquisitions will fool you only
too easily.   The worst are out in both forms already – hb and
pb – utilitarian to a t.   Tomorrow loves it: kicking in the door.