Oystercatcher Press

 Ken Edwards:

Red & Green

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£5.00 A5 20pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-17-6.

 And here displayed and coming forth and multiplying are Godfathers, Evil Mothers, Bad Dogs, a toy gorilla named George. There are Pooh Bears, Piglets, Eeyores, Mickey & Minnie Mice, Noddies, Big Earses, Kermits, Miss Piggies, Crazy Frogs, Hilks, Bagpusses, My Little Ponies, Lion Kings, Bush Babies, Blair Witches, Bin Liners. There are Simpsons, Basil Brushes, Pokemons of all descriptions, Scooby-Doos, SpongeBob SquarePantses, Grinches, Chancellors, Shreks, Governors of the Bank of England and all manner of other beings that do not exist.

Second person, change your bag of pebbles into a handful of coins!

Money is stuffed into slots, and crane-like devices deployed in haste to pluck and acquire the apparitions, but they merely hack at empty air. For this is the place of remembering, and of coming around, again and again.