Oystercatcher Press

 John James:
Cloud Breaking Sun

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£5.00 A5 32pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-51-0.




                for Val Raworth


Mao taught us it is a narrative

we must tell of ourselves each day

no one to define us other than ourselves

from childhood on we learn to be indignant

Blitzkrieg over Pompey V1 V2 Shuttle

Pathé News at The Shaftesbury the relief of Belsen

Miles Davis outside Birdland bleeding from the head

the export of electoral repression

through napalm phosphorus the terror of the no-fly zone

as a snob parades his dope & vegetarian taste

with a sickly air of self esteem


some of it was before your time but you’ve been told

recall by night with bread & wine & heavy dreams

by day break out your unfragmented tongue

a trace advancing no allegiance to imperatives

cancelling darkness from the ground on up

a lived coherence lest your mother & your father

disappear into oblivion the extermination of the proletariat

under the diktat of that unspoken smothering theme

a televisual system of signs & number that signals itself

as the red spill of revelatory paroxysm

spreads across the fine white tablecloth