Oystercatcher Press

 Gerry Loose:

the deer path to my door

Gerry Loose cover image

£5.00 A5 20pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-15-2.


This wonderful collection by Gerry Loose leads language through its own moving landscapes, as well as others trodden, tended and observed by the author. Wry, lyrical, daft, philosophical – these lines are alert to miniscule shifts in natural phenomena and thought, the tracks of language glistening under starlight, sun and ample Scottish rain falling through, ah, Scotch mist.


However exact the registration of wren and sorrel glimpses, Gerry Loose ensures that a generosity of syntactic ambiguity allows room for perception to  think ways through to new thoughts, new ecosystems, in which the term ‘human nature’ ceases to have meaning.


The poetry opens out in every direction, steeped in alertness and ready for anything, which therefore appears.