Oystercatcher Press

 David Kennedy:

MY Atrocity

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£5.00 A5 16pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-20-6.

Momentary Ode


O sleepless data glaze glazed

drool echo echo then not

the restless stars clearly restless

tremens tremens

in tight cells knocking all points

high among the most distant

particles of light in transit

what gutted decisions’ moral hot metal

is trafficked at two three

at the thinnest edge of air


scabby candle ruins the long table

in the courtyard of the old abattoir

another struck hour

struck in all my pipes tripes

sacs expandable bags

dying round round the valley

in the metro of my guts looped

my buzzing soul there

and there and there

I am all over everything all over me