Oystercatcher Press

 Catherine Hales:
a bestiary of so[nne][r]ts

C Hales cover picture

£5.00 A5 20pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-30-5.



disobedience on all channels        satyrs on the dance
floor & nymphs simpering in the loo all eve-
ning touching up their lipstick. the mc jabbering
into the mike, garbo & some iconic egyptian
queen hissing at each other on the screen. chavs
with kalashnikovs patrolling the lawn with cerberus
in tow for your emmy consideration das ewig
weibliche or just a trick of the light like mermaids
on the seashore, lilith having left early. she may
be skilled in all the arts but still worth only four
oxen as a prize for a wrestling contest oh I ask you
where's the power of laughter to resist or hurt
the toilet was traditional just a hole in the ground after
the party they left the garden in separate limousines