Oystercatcher Press


by Ben Hickman 

B Hickman cover image

£5.00 A5 28pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-72-5


Oh Dave you’ve been on that crosstrainer for ages, think
what you’re doing, how once your breath went
ahead, from hovel to conquest, from juvenilia
out. I know the time of annals makes way
for the era of totals, this necklace becomes a burden
like Bristow in 86, smoothness slowing until you stop
but without even the tragic consolation of fame
but if you like water just go in: you’ll still be here
in a stranger air, bubbles crowding your ears
until you believe it; confronted with Heartbreaking Scenes
don’t just say You should have seen the other guy.

I tell myself I’m in love, that I would cry out
into the tear-charged sky, my feet tingling
like spring grass, the underground river
rising through me. Oh Dave it’s you
as I dig down, distinguished for my skill
among Greeks everywhere.