Oystercatcher Press

 Peter Hughes:

Behoven cover image

£5.00 A5 36pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-27-5.

'hauntingly beautiful, adroit lyrics that register responses to the thirty-two Beethoven piano sonatas'  

(Ian Brinton, 'World Literature Today'  Sep 2011)



sung across the loch    

                      forever lost in Europe

                       remembering the cello   

                    forgotten in a foreign

                                      landlord’s loft

            some melodies are endless  

        the edges disappearing

      in a mist that  gently rises

       over insight & perspective

         trousers ready for the wash

determination to march on

                senseless by learning the key

                     routes & striding blind

                         to the dimly-lit waterside bar

               & a short-cut home underwater

               nobody there

      in the changing spaces between

  moonlight shadows your own

     tentative steps towards

              the tether’s end

                              a compartment

       larger than the whole night sky

        where this one love once lived

           & yodelled across the cold

                         car-park in bare feet