Oystercatcher Press


by Alex Houen 

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£5.00 A5 28pp. ISBN: 978-1-905885-71-8

from Battleships / Romance

Spring out of touch makes the blood count for nothing,
Sugar. Till I saw you and felt an instant tense erase
all before me – a microwave pinging its chicken burrito
into adolescence. I am so entered a new phase
of the film about us. Imagine: me, rookie captain
of an old destroyer playing at naval war games.
For ages I was run by a cleavage that kept my stoicism
hidden – from me and others. Now I must reveal it
to your father, the fleet commander, and you.
We’d all like to think I sail on Cicero and Sun Tzu;
for you remain ashore, encircled by a sandy halo,
driving our limbless veterans back to themselves.
We all have prostheses to bear – what else are emotions? –
and we must learn how to use them for combat.