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 Nisha Ramayya:

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Correspondence as Writing System

Correspondence is a garland of skulls that may be divided

absolutely into 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 10 or 50 or 51 or 108 or 1000 or 

1008 skulls. This calculation is correct, repeatedly, to the point of 



For example, a mother as not less than measure as not less than 

authority as not less than light as not less than knowledge as not 

less than binding, fettering as not less than death as not less than

womans waist.


This example is untimely, and stubbornly so; lazy returns painted 

on handicraft paper. Following pseudo-Vedic manuscripts, we 

apologise ourselves into disarticulation.


Survival disables the open mind.


We circulate stars: a dark blue transit, a counterfeit ring, a rosebush 

grows beneath the table.


Obstructed by the space that is saving for you, my interior distends:

the first to the first, the blood to the blood, the divesting of 

colourless fields.


She is afflicted by this geological era insofar as her activities are the 

colour of spoiled meat. But the generally felt precedes the disgrace 

of seasoning.


Home is a collection of contagious objects. 

She licks the lid of the project.